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ypically, caterers & food service operators dispense beverages from cans and bottles when a catered event is off premises. Occasionally, a picnic cooler fitted with a cold plate or cold coil tapped will dispense bulk beverages. We offer a better idea. The HOGSHEAD TAPPER affords the commercial food service business an opportunity to dispense up to 4 types of beverages through a single barrel. Using a CO2 driven pump, the HOGSHEAD BARREL can draw wine from an 18 litre bag-in-box which can be placed outside the barrel. Kegged beer can also be drawn from an external source. The optional reseviors present another dimension to a complete beverage dispensing system. The obvious cost savings are almost as attractive as the barrel itself in an industry in which presentation is critical.

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ll our TEC units are equipped with a remote control device (RC). The RC has two modes of operation, normal & efficient. Within each mode the operator may select from six preset temperature levels. Graduations run from 60 F/15 C to 32 F/0 C*. The TEC will cool with only 4-6 F temperature differential between each preset point. This allows for controlled lagering. When fermentation is complete, keg the beer in a 5 gallon keg and tap the beer through the same HOGSHEAD BARREL.

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ow many times have you wanted to tap draft beer in your own home but lacked the necessary tapper system? The HOGSHEAD TAPPER allows you to dispense draft beer practically anywhere in your home. Set the HOGSHEAD TAPPER on a sturdy stand, counter or cabinet. Then place your favorite quarter barrel of beer and a 2 lb CO2 tank inside the barrel, hook up the connections, and draw tap beer. If you have a taste for wine or other non-carbonated beverage , set the optional reservoirs on the keg spacer and connect to the tapper(s) through the use of disconnect fittings. Cool with either the TEC unit or ice placed on the cold plate or cold coil.

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